September 30

10 ideal gifts for a lover of book

If you’re an inveterate reader, or know anyone whose birthday is near, this post is for you.

And is that surfing the net we found these 10 gifts that any lover of cheap ebooks¬†would be delighted to receive. No matter if it is your birthday, graduation, or any given day, we assure you, giving you any of these objects, will return you so happy for the rest of the week, month… or even year-round.

1 pillow shaped book



2 Kit for organizing your library

kit de lector

This kit that will help you keep track of the books that you have or that lend.

3 ring book

anillo de libro

4. support for books shaped ninja sword

organizador de libros


5. temporary tattoos from books

tatuajes temporales


6 pots with a book

macetas en forma de libro


7 stamps in the form of books

sello en forma de libro


8 books sockscalcetines de libro


9 dishes shaped books

platos de llibros


10 Ribbon with pictures of books

cinta de libros


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