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10 accounting plans to organize a birthday party

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Approaching your child’s birthday or other important date in the family and would like to throw the House out the window. However, the times are not to squander. Here are 10 ideas recommended by online bookkeeping services so that you save money by organizing a party without skimping on fun.

Get the celebration at home

Held in a commercial Hall will save you cleaning before and after the event, and the preparation of the meal if it is that the place offers a menu.However, it is considered that you have to spend much on rent, food that you serve and all additional expenses that come to light when the party is over. If you think about it, it may be too much money for a few hours of fun.

To do in house, garden or backyard party, you avoid to walk carrying food and packages from one side to the other and does not impose you a time limit or a rigid order of activities. If you live in an apartment or community housing, which has a Hall for events, use it! This type of rooms are common in the United States, and usually, you don’t have to pay anything for using them. Some resorts even have pool, so if time is given, you could even organize a party type “piscinada”.

If you do not live in a complex that has Community Hall, probably someone you know yours Yes, and he can book in your name. If you consider borrowing a community hall or the House of a family member, don’t forget to assure you that all the preparations and cleaning shall be borne by you.

If the weather permits, you can organize the party at a nearby park. Simply make a fence with ribbons and balloons and enjoy a nice day in the country. Question in the park that you’re interested if it is necessary to make reservations.

I think the guest list

Spend awhile thinking carefully about the guest list and resists the temptation of adding people at the last minute. When you organize a party it is normal to feel that you have to invite each and every one of your friends, and all those who you have invited recently. But many more guests you have, the greater the expenditure.

If it’s a children’s Party, perhaps you have friends that, even if they are very close, do not feel too excited to spend an afternoon listening to music by CRI-CRI, while they applaud the clown. So the best thing to do is to adjust the list know whom they will enjoy the feast. For the budget, a good idea is to think about how much you can and want to spend per guest and not get out of that margin.

You do not compliques, serves simple food

The food is always key in any celebration (have you noticed that parties always end up with the guests in the kitchen?) but that doesn’t mean that you have to serve a banquet. A party may very well be if you offer a light lunch or snacks and refreshing drinks.

If you want to serve something hot, consider dishes that hold much and are easy to prepare.A large pan of lasagna, for example, is easy to prepare and you will get very cheap. Serve with salad, bread, and a frothy drink, and your guests will be delighted.

If you want to cook for many people and have friends or relatives offered to take some dish, it accepts aid. However, if what you love is cooking and you want that everything is like out of the kitchen of a chef, maybe good idea organize a small party so you can work you in the menu that the guests will consume.

If it’s a children’s Party, consider buying food in a wholesale warehouse. There you can findcake, snacks and juices at good price. When children gather they are more interested in playing that to eat, so the elaborate food it tends to be a waste of food and money.

She plans to home entertainment

Yes, sure, I would love to hire a DJ for your party, but preparing a CD with the favorite music of the family can be equally fun and much cheaper. Another option is to charge your iPhone or iPod with children’s melodies. Young children spend big running in circles and playingmusical chairs, sporting much with such games as if they were watching a magic show with the magician of fashion television.

Classic games like put the tail on the donkey never go out of fashion. A treasure hunt a while will also them entertaining. You do not compliques: decorate a box of shoes with black paper and here is your chest. Fill it with money and chocolate coins, then hide it and giving the children a map. Put on the map instructions according to the age of each child and watch them Frolic to the pirate treasure hunt.

Hire a talent undiscovered

Perhaps you like to hire a professional to entertain children, but it is not necessary that it cost a fortune. Do you have a friend who knows how to do facepainting or balloons? If you don’t, put a notice on the school, sports centre or a school of art. You might find yourself with theater students willing to earn a little money with a play simple or telling stories.

Send electronic invitations

Paper invitations are expensive, have to check that the addresses are correct or find them you don’t have to mail them, and also more beautiful they are, end up in the trash. Best put technology to work for you, send invitations by email or find a free page to send invitations with special designs.

Consider what you are going to buy

Surely you’ll be organizing parties every year for many years to come, so why not stay on a budget from now? Instead of buying all disposable dishes every time with dishes of cardboard, napkins and glasses of the theme of the party, buy some more resilient with bright colors that you can serve for various parties.

If your child “need” to have the tableware of the man spider search shops and do not buy on the first you see. Compare prices and buy too: tablecloth could be sufficient. May not need to spend on glasses and special napkins.

Bags of candy or something more durable?

Bags of sweets with the theme of the party drawing also tend to be expensive and immediately end up in the trash. In addition, children often already carry too many sweets of the piñata to give them even more. Instead, you could buy at wholesale stores colors and books packages for coloring and give each child one.

Another idea is to take Polaroid photographs (or digital if you can print them fast) children while having fun and make cardboard frames to decorate them. If you really want give it always look in the shops of wholesale or import, where candy and party favors, tend to be cheap. (Read here more ideas for gifts bags).

You are looking for, search and search

You can give a great holiday even if you have little space and little time, and even if your budget is limited. Search the nearby restaurants that can offer you good price menus if contractors in hours that they are busy. Or you hire a friend who like to cook to make it at home. You will cost you much less than a professional service and you can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.

Join other family

Split the costs with another family. If cousins or your son’s best friend have birthday dates nearby why not do a party for two? This works especially well for children under 4 years old, who doesn’t matter much if the party is not just for them. You will save much by dividing the expenses. Simply sing twice “las Mañanitas” or “happy birthday” and presto!

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