March 27

Birthday for Kids: Six fun and affordable ideas

Picture: Fernando Weberich

To organize a birthday party for kids , memorable and fun, does not take much budget. It is also possible that the honoree and your guests enjoy a celebration prepared economically and tricks available online. This article contains inexpensive ideas to create original birthday invitations, decorate the party and set up a piñata , plus some playground infallible for the occasion.

1. economic birthday invitations for kids

A birthday party without guests is not a party. Therefore, the first step in organizing the anniversary of the child is preparing the invitations.

Thanks to Internet resources need not invest much in them. Will just missing a printer, paper, colored pencils and scissors .

On the website you can download Greetings Island numerous models of cheerful kids birthday invitations and customize. You can add text, drawings and even photographs .

Toads and Princesses The portal also offers an interesting collection of children’s party invitations very original.

Internet lets you create invitations very cheap and fun children’s birthday

Another option is to choose a favorite character drawing small and print invitations with him. In addition, it will be a fun to color them to your friends while.

An alternative to the more crafty with your computer and photo editing programs is riding a funny collage of photographs of children of different ages to serve as an invitation. You can also make a photomontage with his image and that of some of his favorite fictional characters.

2. Decorate the party of the child, for little money

Few children’s decorative elements , the most boring room can be transformed into a lively and fun nightclub to celebrate the birthday of children. First of all, you should remove all household items that can break or cause harm to the children, and leave the maximum possible for you to enjoy at your leisure space.

A simple and inexpensive idea to decorate the children’s party is to line the bottom of one wall of the room with brown paper or white .

With a little paint and imagination, the next step is to create a beautiful picture with the participation of all children in the house. If the honoree likes pirates, you can paint a great sailor landscape with the help of somesimple templates boat and skulls . The Web is easy to find all thematic templates.

It is also easy to decorate the room of celebration with balloons and custom pins . You can download the Red some models with letters to form the name of the child. In the blog Little Hannah , step by step, it explains how to make a beautiful garland to decorate child’s birthday party.

3. Games for children’s party

Picture: David Miller

It’s time to play. Entertain the kids with fun games is simple. You only need to list some of the most suitable proposals, depending on the age of the guests and space becomes available, and get down to work.

Smaller need activities and games led by adults. You can opt forchildren crafts or prepare for them an entertaining storytelling session.

From three or four years is possible to organize more active games and participatory. Classics like musical chairs, blind man’s buff and handkerchief are some of the favorites of children.

On the website Group games and the portal Boys and Big , many other interesting proposals for small game are detailed.

4. Costumes for children

Homemade costumes are cheap and fun in kid birthday party

Another idea that will make unforgettable birthday party child is having a trunk of costumes for children .

You have to collect a number of items with which children can before the party playing dress . It’s one of their favorite activities!

With time, it is possible to prepare for each guest a funny pirate patches and a beautiful princess crowns .

5. homemade Piñatas for small

The piñata will be a nice surprise for the birthday child. Making a home is simple. The blog Q’Lindo Crafts explains, step by step, how to ride a nice round piñata .

And with this video tutorial you can learn how to make a simple cardboard box in a special box of surprises .

6. Handbags sweets

Often gifts for the guests of the child’s birthday party with some candy at the end of the celebration. However, to have a large investment this detail is not needed.

Can be made ​​at home a sweet skewers , as proposed in Ark Glops, or developing some own homemade sweetswith the recipe listed on the website include Chiquitines.

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May 13



There are many options of sweets to celebrate the birthday, but what that cause less damage to the teeth of children? As parents, we can ask ourselves what they’re like your children to celebrate his birthday. In addition, we must take into account the distribution of candy invited children to choose the healthier snacks for oral health.

The celebration of the birthday of our little ones is a fun holiday for children. But we want to make sure that the accumulation and consumption of sweets will not create undesirable caries.

When considering health dental, Dr. R. Anthony Matheny DDS of Port St. Lucie Dentist said that sweets can be classified into different categories according to whether they are good or not so good.

Bad candydulces

Sticky sweets are the worst for teeth. After being chewed, the remaining parts adhere to teeth and are not cleaned automatically by the flow of saliva. This increases the contact time between sugar and cloves, which creates an ideal environment for the development of caries.

Candied fruits are as bad as the sticky candy. Don’t be fooled by the fact that they are fruit since the companies added sugar to make them more tasty. Candied fruits are very sticky and increase the contact time of the sugar into slots in the dental, thus increasing the risk of tooth decay.

The picapicas and the gums are very acidic and contributes to the destruction of the enamel of the teeth. They act as the soft drinks and energy drinks. But after taking a candy, saliva restores acid balance in the mouth slowly. We therefore recommend that brush their teeth just 30 minutes after eating candy in order to not lose too much enamel.

The pastries as cereal bars them, biscuits and cakes have all high concentrations of sugar and can cause tooth decay.

Acceptable treatsdulces 2

Eat these candies stimulates the production of saliva, which is a natural mouth cleaner, but incomplete.

Hard candy also stimulates the production of saliva and doesn’t stick to your teeth. But it is important to remember that they have good amounts of sugar and can cause tooth decay.

Cheese, or any other type of cheese sticks are basic properties that neutralize acidic foods in the mouth, which makes difficult the early tooth decay.

Sugar-free chewing gum stimulates saliva flow and, like a candy without sugar, offers a clean (but not complete) of the teeth.Chewing gum and sugar-free candies and containing xylitol are even better since this artificial sugar slows down the metabolism of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. We must remember that it is not recommended to chew gum without sugar more than 15-20 minutes since it may cause effects on the jaw.

Dark chocolate contains sugar, but its cariogenic effect is reduced because the chocolate dissolves quickly and doesn’t stick.According to some studies, the dark chocolate is an antioxidant. Other studies have found that chocolate in moderation is good for the heart and can lower blood pressure.

Good food

It is not necessary that all the sweet children’s parties are edible. Parents can consider the distribution of gifts such as stickers, trading cards or small gifts for the guests.

Other considerations

As much as parents want to take good care of your child’s teeth, children’s celebrations remains a fun party, and one must deny them this experience. Deprive children of sweets can send the wrong message to even more irresistible sweets. Children may eat in secret or eat too much fat.

May 4

7 different birthday gifts for coffee lovers

Encuentre el regalo perfecto para el amante del café

For those who enjoy coffee among friends, it is very easy to find the perfect gift for the birthdays, and not everything ends in a cup or a good variety of coffee, which are the typical options. If you want something a little bit different, here are some ideas.

1 Set of Green Coffee beans

The Etsy set combines rustic fragrance of coffee with the color and the aroma of the beans. Handcrafted, not only is nice to smell, but also for the skin, since its natural preparation makes it suitable for all skin types, but especially for people with acne prone skin.

Includes SOAP, balm for the lips, a SOAP dish of cedar wood and a bottle of exfoliating lotion. The aroma is appropriate for men, women and for anyone who like to wake up to the aroma of coffee in the shower, even before preparing your first Cup in the morning.

2 cup of coffee Minibru

If your friends who like coffee prefer the French espresso coffee, Cup Minibru will definitely easier the preparation of this traditional drink. Glass cup contains a shaft and a seal of silicone of plastic, which prevents that grains are mixed with the drink.

3. a book for the connoisseur

For connoisseurs of coffee, try and make the coffee is an art. They may be interested in knowing more about grains, the history of its growth, roasting and preparation.

This book of Blue Bottle Coffee includes more than 30 recipes from desserts to accompany the coffee, so it is a perfect gift for all kinds of consumer of coffee.

4 coffee candle

With the candle, natural soy with a hint of hazelnut, coffee lovers can enjoy its pleasant aroma anytime.

5 support for Cup of coffee for bike

If the coffee lover also riding a bike, support for Cup of coffee designed for bicycles is a ‘must have it’. With this accessory, which brings a variety of styles and sizes, take-away coffee is now within the reach of the rider, and you just have to adjust the cup firmly.

6 taste of coffee by masters of the world

If you are not sure what type of coffee buy, try this combo that brings the cafe India, Costa Rica, Zimbabwe and other exotic places. The box of coffee around the world is sold with twelve varieties; the latest is that it is made to make it look a journal of travel, with leather covers.

7. the best travel mugs

When it comes to travel cups, there are many options to choose from. If you are looking for a good cup of coffee to travel, you can avoid the tedious search. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, of the popular Discovery Channel show “Hunters of myths” (Mythbusters), put some cups and these two were chosen as the best.

Zojirushi stainless mug (it is on the right in the image) “is that better preserves the warmth and versatility”, it has a “good exterior design, an easy locking mechanism, and is used with one hand”, according to the mythbusters.

But it does not fit well in the stands for bicycles or cars.Why the mythbusters also recommended for 20 dollars the OXO Good Grips Liqui Seal travel mug (pictured is on the left).

April 29

Birthday for a baby has a disability

A wild-haired, exuberant baby. Una bebe muy muy bella y alegre.

The birth of a child is an event full of emotions that will change you life completely. A new beautiful baby comes to your home, family, and community. It is a time to celebrate. Their families know the child and wonder: is going to be a football player, will be a famous singer, will discover the cure for cancer, or become the President of the United States?

But what if the baby has a disability? What happens if you have health problems? And if, as time goes on, it seems that your child is not learning or developing like other children of his age? This part of our Web site will help you to find the answers and people who can help you.

By contacting the early intervention program

What should I do if I suspect that my child has special needs?

There is a lot of support available for children under three years of age and children preschool children with special needs, thanks to federal law, the Act for the education of individuals with disabilities (IDEA, for its acronym in English). Services for well young children, from birth until the third birthday, are called early intervention or services of part C (named after where described in law IDEA). Early intervention is a very effective way of helping children to reach the landmarks of development or to treat certain concerns that you may have about your child’s development as soon as possible. To learn more about these vital services, read on.

First, you should find out if your child is eligible for early intervention services. There are many people who can help you with esto. Below you will find information on how to get the help you need.

What are early intervention services?

Are services for infants and children until their third birthday, appointed to identify and address any problems or delay as soon as possible. Early intervention services are offered through a public or private agency and are provided in different places, whether in the home, in a clinic, in a child care center nearby, in the hospital, or local health department.

Early intervention services may range from a simple prescription lenses for a 2-year-old boy, to the development of a full program of physical therapy for a child with cerebral palsy.

Who first contact to receive help?

Each State decides which of its agencies will be the primary agency in charge of the early intervention services for infants and toddlers with special needs. It is possible that the person who is first contact is a child specialist, someone who works with the primary agency, or someone in the Office of “Child Find” (“identification of children”) of his State.

To find out who can help you, talk to the pediatrician for your child. Ask for a reference to the local early intervention program.

Important. Record the names and phone numbers of all persons who speak. This information can be helpful later.

Do I say to the person serving as a local contact?

Explain that you think your child may need early intervention services and make an appointment for testing (and analysis) and evaluation become. Write down all the information you give.

About the assessment process

What testing and evaluation?

Evaluation refers to the procedures used to determine if the child is eligible for early intervention services. Testing (and analysis) refers to the process of gather and use information about the child’s development and determine what kind of help may be needed. This information may originate from:

  • Medical reports;
  • Results of the tests or test’s development supplied to the child;
  • The medical history of your child;
  • Observations and opinions of all the members of the multidisciplinary team, including the parents; and
  • Any other important observation, records, or reports about your child.

Who does the evaluation and testing?

It depends on the rules of your state. Ask the person serving as a local contact. A team of professionals will examine your child. This usually includes a psychologist, a child specialist, and specialists in physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Who pays for the evaluation and testing?

Under IDEA, evaluation and test is done free of charge of the families. The person who serves as local contact can help you to find out about the local rules.

In the case that my child is eligible to receive special services, will I have to pay for these?

Generally, services are provided without any spending by the family. It is possible that you have to pay for some services, depending on the policies of your state. Ask the local contact for your state. It is possible that some services may be covered under your policy of health insurance, Medicaid, disability tax credit or the Department of Indian health services.

What makes the Service Coordinator?

When it is determined the needs of the child and eligible to receive services, a service Coordinator will be assigned to the family. This person must be a specialist in child development and methods for helping children with delays in its development. The Service Coordinator must know the services and policies of your State’s early intervention programs. This person can help you locate other services in your community, such as recreation, child care, family support groups.

The Service Coordinator will work with his family while the child is receiving services. The Service Coordinator can help you plan for the future when your child will reach 3 years of age and changes to programs for children 3 to 5 years of age.

Writing the IFSP

What is an IFSP?

The family and the Service Coordinator will work with other professionals to develop a Plan individualized services to the family (“An Individualized Family Service Plan”, or IFSP). The basis of the IFSP is that the family is the greatest resource of the child, and that the needs of the infant are linked to your family’s needs. The best way to support the children and meet their needs is to support and develop the positive aspects of the family. Then the IFSP is a plan for the familyand parents are the most important part of the team.

The participation of other members of the team will depend on the needs of the infant. These other members of the team may come from other agencies, such as medical personnel, therapists, specialists in child development, and social workers, among others.

Each State has developed guidelines for the IFSP. Your service Coordinator can explain what these are.

About parent groups

Is there any local group of parents that can tell me about early intervention services?

There are several groups of parents, including:

  • Support groups (such as parent-to – parent) to the families of children with disabilities;
  • Training programs and information for parents, dealing with federal funds, such as the Centre in each State is known as the PTI (“Parent Training and Information Center”); and
  • Groups interested in a specific disability, such as the associations United Cerebral Palsy (United Cerebral Palsy) or the Association for retarded citizens of the United States (The Arc).

Parent groups can offer information, support, or training for the families of children with disabilities in order that the parents carry out an important role in helping their children. Through these groups, families get to know other families with similar needs to discuss sources of help and information, everyday problems, and personal ideas.

Your service Coordinator or someone from your local school could help you to get in contact with local groups.

April 21

The first birthday

The big day came. Baby’s first birthday is usually a cause for joy and celebration, both for parents and grandparents, uncles and friends that are part of their environment. Carry out the preparation of the celebration is a task that requires taking into account the tastes and the needs of the baby. Respect for the spirit of the child is key. Options for children’s celebrations with specialized assistance and recommendations for moms.


The long-awaited time came: first birthday. Grandparents, uncles, cousins and friends of the family are ready to honor the birthday boy. Perhaps, the breast has spent months trying to the benjamin clap, singing “happy birthday” or teaching him to blow the candles.Or it has prepared a big party, with souvenirs that make game with centerpieces. But it happens that, many times, size production effort ends with the wrecked nerves of the baby, who is scared of clowns, the excess of noise and “went from revolutions”: is that on that day, the star of the party just wanted to his quiet NAP.


By all expectations aroused by the first birthday of the baby has to be carefully planned. According to Margarita Artusi, psychologist and host of children’s parties, “this is the most exciting birthday, where the family is also the protagonist,” he has.


Music, songs, puppets, or stories, are the activities preferred by boys. “You don’t have to be a”noisy”party, they should have some quiet moments”, advises. And if the’s birthday falls asleep, you have to respect it. While the guests are mostly adults, Artusi is recommended not to make it too late, but to adapt to times in which the baby is more active and good humor.


As for the small guests, it is a feast of heterogeneous age since the birthday person in general, still is not going to the garden, and then guests tend to be cousins or children of friends of the parents. “If there are many guys who are around age two, is much required the participation of the large, especially parents, since psychological individuation is achieved after 3 years”, explains.


At this age, boys have a very short – about 10 or 15 – minute attention span. “Why, when most of the guests are around the year, you are invited to explore materials with open and simple slogans and not games or competitions are organized”, explains Daniela Rago, psychologist and host of children’s parties. 

Then, bubbles, fabric, games with mass players, are indicated. “The slogans are flexible, are allowed to touch and manipulate materials and repeated activities that have really enjoyed them”, explained Rago. The music has to be soft and not strident. For example, for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival you can try to make them dance songs that know well, although not advised costumes – newborn to age 3 begin to like dress-up. Farm animal puppets, usually sporting them much because the animal sounds are familiar to them. “Usually, they want to play, so we get closer to them,” he says.


The appearance of any character has to be carefully prepared. “For example, if it will appear Mickey have to notify them in advance and to appear very of a little, first showing a hand or shoe, body and, finally, the cheerleader gets the mask in front of them”, she says.


The food should adapt to what the guys – eat from “for all”, to more special things-. The sandwiches of ham and cheese breadcrumbs, fresh milk or pizzetas roll not often fail. “No to do nothing quirky, but the basics”, he advised. Some boys of this age are not accustomed to soft drinks and prefer mineral water or orange juice, so these options on the table must be present.


“Boys tend to be anxious because they feel that it is her mother; Sometimes they cry or they are very cuddly but are always happy during the holidays”, features Rago.


Some more recommendations can be taken into account, especially if MOM will be the organizing principal of the party and will not count with specialized assistance:


It seems obvious, but the party has to be suited to the baby. If he is very sociable or loves music, can invite lots of friends but if not, should be slowed down a bit. A party with fewer people, but the little it enjoy more is preferable.


Ornaments have to be limited to a reason that the guy appreciates and recommended that the decoration is not exaggerated: the kids of a year are easily frightened. An option may be to show you the decorative elements a time before the party, so it already recognizes them.
To ensure their enthusiasm and their participation in the meet, find the way how to improve your singing voice online some months before you can sing “happy birthday” song, teach him to turn off the candles or applaud. If does it, well. But it can happen that this is not a fun game for it. If the infant does not show desire to learn these skills or not sports with the intent, we must forget it. Perhaps you want to concentrate on their first words, or in learning to greet.


The party is also important. It should not interfere in its NAP, or their meal schedules. Probably the day he feel anxiety or nerves of the breast – if organized a big party or has to be aware of many things – and also be a little more nervous – take to fall asleep or be more fussy.


The environment has to be prepared to test guys who crawl, things they put in the mouth and touch everything. Many times small guests play things that not one you would touch the birthday. Why, if it is in your home, you have to prepare it for the occasion and is in a setting stripped of hazards and breakable objects.


It should not require you to smile for the picture or take pictures with all the guests, who blow the candles or have displayed all their thanks to the present, but leave the baby to enjoy the party in their own way.


The on this day baby food must be the usual. When the time of the party, the baby has to be well rested and have been fed properly.You must also be willing to give the bottle or breast at some point.


The party should not last more than one hour and a half or two, at most, so baby do not get tired or excite too.


And beyond these slogans, the enthusiasm of the family will make this party to be the grand finale to close an important stage in the child’s life: his first year of life.

April 20

Crepe Paper Streamer Decorating Ideas

Papel Crepe Streamer Ideas Decoración

Decoration for a party or other event with crepe paper time has been a hiring jobs near me and a common way to make a space look festive. When you are throwing a party, consider using brightly colored crepe paper to create all kinds of decorations. While strings hanging is the most common form of decorating a space with crepe paper, there are other types of decorations that you can make.


Decorate with their streamers of crepe paper of stringing them traditionally. For example, place streamers of crepe paper above a threshold and let that you hang down so people have to walk through them when they are entering or exiting the door.Another idea is to completely cover the roof of the room with the streamers of crepe paper. Connect the streamer of the upper part of the wall on one side of the room and then the chain of streamer across the room and attach it to the wall opposite. Continue doing this until the entire roof is covered with streamers of crepe paper.


Use their streamers of crepe paper to create animals. For example, cover a plate of paper with the streamers of crepe paper, then place eight coils at the back of the plate of paper and let that they hang down to create an Octopus. Make a zebra by cutting a shape from a piece of cardboard or cardboard horse and then to cover it with strips of paper crepe black and white to create a look of Zebra.


Create some crepe paper flowers that used large crepe paper streamers. Cut the square forms of the streamers of crepe paper and coating them with about five sheets of paper crepe. You could use a color crepe paper or different colors, depending on the look of the flowers that you want to create. Fold the squares in the form of accordion. Wrap a piece of wire of florist around the center of the accordion paper crepe to make crepe paper flower and create the flower stem. In line with the florist is in place, unfold the papers and fan out, creating the flower. Use flowers to create centerpieces and other decorations.


Choose extra wide strips of paper crepe for this party decoration. Cut slits in the coils of paper crepe on the sides, top and bottom, leaving the central part intact. This will give the crepe paper streamer to the appearance of the Strip at the top and the bottom. When the Strip is complete, attach it to a wall, and then turn the Strip so that it has a three-dimensional appearance. Attached to another wall. Another idea is to use the crepe paper fringe to create pennants in tables.


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April 3

Christian Grey Happy Birthday!

Could it be true? censored scenes from the Movie 50 Shades of Grey are the most searched on google.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan embodying Christian Grey Anastasia and prepare for the World premiere this February 12, 2015.

Are we about to see without rop @ a ‘Jamie Dornan in scenes with her birthday suit ?! According to several sources, yes!

The actor of 31 years, reports a full-frontal nude for the film 50 shades of gray    !

If you read the book, you know the character Dornan, Christian Grey, spends almost half the time Christian Grey is without clothes so EL James leaves nothing to the imagination for fans of the trilogy “50 Shades of Grey PDF




A day like today was born Cristian gray … they’d treat you?

A day like today was born Cristian gray … they’d treat him

She counted it chose the name Grey because it means ‘gray’ because he believes that everything is not black and white, but there are shades of gray. – The number = 50 = no account.

Christian Grey Happy Birthday !!!
– tones or shades are the different facets of Christian life
– the gray depends as they are considered: good, fair or poor
Finally, the think are countless facets and their traumas, by that “Fifties shadows”

April 2

Birthday game: Birthday Party detectives and spies

Recommended Age: 6 to 10 years

Being a spy or a private detective is the dream of many children, to solve mysteries and action holds this singular attracts small way. If your child wants this kind of party, will certainly have fun both in planning and in the same party.

How to start?

You must make the guest list using Spy software at least one month before the party and send out invitations to three weeks in advance. Make sure there is no religious or civil feast on the day you choose, as many of your guests may not attend the party.

You can expand a fingerprint of your child and make copies for use as an invitation. 
Write data invitation with white crayon and indicates the guests to spend some cotton with colored water to decrypt data.

You can also download a FREE file, Gift Hispanic Parent and print.



Ask guests to dress and lick it so that there 
can be recognized. Everything is permitted: hats, wigs, 
mustaches, glasses and clothing that would never use in their daily lives.

You can give prizes to the most creative costume, the scariest, the most 
happy, etc. If small children you should give a prize to each child.


The decoration should be done in dark colors like black, gray, 
silver and white and add a touch of color on the table. This will always 
be the center of attention and therefore there should focus greater 
effort. Use plastic or colored paper to make the tablecloth and decorate with crayons distributed fingerprints or children 
to write messages in secret codes on paper.

Cut silhouettes of footprints made ​​in black paper on the floor 
and question marks hanging from the ceiling or walls.

You have your own piñata hat with a balloon and paper 
mache, cut it in half, colócale a circle of cardboard 
around and wrap it with colorful crepe paper.

The traditional round cake can be decorated with a magnifying glass and glasses. Hides a treasure among the mass before grilling (must be great for children from drowning, it wins you 
touch on your portion.

Entering children have to give personal information and put your 
fingerprint on a small badge. You can 
take a picture if you like print them quickly. Each child 
must receive approval of their identity before entering.

You have a silhouette of the foot of each guest and mark on the part of 
back, then display them to know who guess who owns 
each silhouette.

Hand out a magnifying each of the guests and delivered keys or 
specialized in letter so small that the guests should information 

20 objects placed inside a pillowcase, guests must reach in ye identify the object.

Produces different sounds without guests can know what causes it and ask them to identify.

Fingerprint identification:

Provides ink pads for children to print their 
fingerprints and can be observed with magnifying glasses and see their 
differences. Do not forget to have disposable wipes so that 
your fingers clean.

Relay Race:
Divide the children into two groups and give each group a set of objects 
as wig, hat, sunglasses and a coat or raincoat. Children should 
put the clothes and run to where his teammates, 
there should deliver the items to the next runner and this in turn 
should colocárselas before running. The team that finishes 
the race first.

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March 31

Congratulations to a dentist in his day

Along with the hygienist, orthodontist, dental lab technician and all those who ensure the health mouth, the dentist has absolute leadership, it is responsible for carrying special processes so that we have a healthy life in our teeth.

Probably in your life you come across a friend dentist like dentist in Albuquerque NM who will be too happy with greetings as you propose then to celebrate their day.

Free Examples congratulations to a dentist in his day:

:: “How shall I call you? Doctor rabbit or simply, my friend dental. In any case, you’re an excellent professional, your talent is impressive to find and correct caries dentin, please contribute to good dental health of many people, including my own. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “I’ll tell you a little secret but I hope you will not tell anyone. I’m sure you’re the best dentist around the planet, because you have done a beautiful thing in my smile and the smile of many people. I want to celebrate with you this day and congratulate you on your lofty task, but remember, please keep my secret. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “Nothing is impossible for you, even the teeth Feita you could fix the cause you’re an exceptionally good person in what you do. Friend of the Dentist in your day I want to congratulate you for your beautiful profession. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “I look at the smiles of many people, most sincere smiles and full of emotion and each remember that there are people who care and monitor those smiles are always well, you’ve done brilliantly and so and many reasons I congratulate you on this day of the Dentist “. Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “When I met you you were studying, I knew from the beginning that you were going to be an excellent dentist and today I confirm again, actually, you are, you’ve highlighted by your principles and your excellent dental work, you’ve earned the respect of many people and myself, but also my admiration. Get a sincere greeting cards for being a great dentist. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “Dude, celebrate together this day with great joy, We filed our whole race together, we finished together, assemble our office together, we bought our teams together and now we celebrate together a new year where we say happily, we continue to pursue our dreams. Congratulations friend. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “Having a friend Dentist fills me with great dignity, because when you smile and my friends look at my beautiful smile, they’ll know you were the creator of this work, but really, you have not done anything special, just teach me how to lead a proper dental health to always show my best shot. I have many reason to congratulate you on this great day friend. “ Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

:: “A dentist is one who is responsible for displaying their talents towards the dental health of people is ideal, this also affects overall health because the mouth is the first part of a large system.Congratulations friend Dentist “. Category: congratulatory messages to a dentist in his day

You have every reason to congratulate a friend who is a dentist in his day, for their professionalism, their ability to do well, their ethics to manage users and their ability to repair smiles and self-esteem.

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March 29

Easy song with three chords. Learn to play Happy Birthday in four different shades

easy song with three chords

Play your first easy song with three chords is an important milestone your learning guitar. It opens the door to hundreds of songs.

Before arriving here we recommend you’ve been through one song with two chords .

It’s nice smooth progression.

Reaching milestones.

That allows you to enjoy the ride while you travel.

You can also learn three chords, practice changing between them to acquire some fluency and try to touch directly your first easy song with three chords . If you remain constant in the effort you’re going to get.

This is what you can see on many websites.

It seems you can buy a guitar and the next day to play songs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you really start from scratch do not listen to those “siren” and begins with suitable material to your current skill with the guitar.

Before easy to play your first song with three chords you’ve had to:

  • learn first chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • learn the second chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with those two chords,
  • learn the third line,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with two chords using this new line,

All this will take several weeks of practice.

If you are a total beginner guitar I recommend you let the easy song with three chords for later and begin by holding the guitar , tune and learn the first chord .

And if you’re already prepared …

It’s time!

Cancion easy with three chords I, IV and V

In another article I have spoken of I and V chords

Now we add another chord and the IV

It means that those chords take the place one four five (I, IV and V in Roman numerals) within the range of the tone of the song.

If you have a song in C major tone

The notes of the C major scale are:















The chords I, IV and V have a special relationship.

They are the main chords in any key.

The I chord is the tone of the song is called tonic .

The IV chord is called subdominant .

The V chord is called dominant .

Stay with it because of the special musical relationship between the three chords I, IV and V, allow you to play hundreds of songs without using any other chord.

Speaking of tonic, dominant and subdominant. Chords I, V and IV. Facilitating’re able to play a song in different shades.

You just have to use the chords I, IV and V of the tone you want.

I leave a video with the song “Happy Birthday” played in four different shades.

For you to practice the chord changes.


If you want to skip the introduction and explanation of rhythm and go directly to the happy birthday song:

happy birthday in LA tone higher (A). Chords A, D and E from 1 minute. ‘

Happy Birthday tone D major (D). Chords D, G and A from the minute 1’49 “.

Happy Birthday SOL tone higher (G). Chords G, C and D from 2.35 minute. ”

Happy Birthday tone E major (E). Chords E, A and B7 from the minute 3’23 “.

Remember that this is a start. It’s just an easy song with three chords .

With the chords I, IV and V you can play hundreds of songs.

Launch into why more you like !.

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March 27

Check list for organizing a surprise party

birthday 1We have had to organize a surprise party for your partner, your brother, your mother or grandfather … What are you thinking !, stress. And … Well, a little bit, but nothing that can not be solved havingavailable two basic things: time and organization .

Time. It is clear that to organize a surprise party planned need to have it because it is so easy to call from one day to another people and available to come to the event you want to organize. Not to mention that getting contacts will take more than a few minutes because who are you to invite friends from the honored person, not yours.

And organization to not die trying and no loose ends. But do not worry, in CumpleParty have many years of experience in organizing events, so if you clear the party you want to mount and whom to invite, that you tell us a date, the organization we will take care for quiet rest.

But what you have to do to organize a surprise party?

  • Think over time. Whether it’s a birthday will, of course, on the anniversary. Or to anterior and posterior week.
  • Think what people would come to the party and make a first generic list of groups: family (parents, siblings, children, grandparents, uncles, nephews, in-laws …), friends (those of you common, their football team or book club, your best friend or friend, the college, the work), others (neighbors, who get along …).
  • Of these groups, think of a person who may have contacts rest. His best friend, for example, will almost certainly contact the rest of the group of friends. And within these, some have the faculty group or book club. Will have to chain. But for that you need time.
  • Could look at your email or your mobile agenda, but that’s ugly. You better do as we say in the previous section.
  • Once people located, make a joint call. For the management of who is and who is not easier, uses technology you have available . For example, if everyone has email, create a group and if you want to a form with Google Docs or Doodle in which people say if you are coming or not. Or create a group of Whatsup on mobile.
  • Remember to save your own agenda phone numbers and contacts of all guests for there is no last minute surprises.
  • Keep people informed of what is going to do, when, what time, where, how to get, if you pay something and how, if a joint gift is made ​​… And let always clear that NO ONE CALL THE HONOURED PERSON . If there is any problem, you call or whatsupeen to you.
  • You can consult on what to do for the party (what theme, what kind of activity, where …) but better than not give many options and that in any case the debatas in a small group because otherwise the debate can be eternal and party still catch you without being organized or agreement. Someone will decide in the end if you do not bow agree.
  • Think how you will hide the calls, messages and so they’re going to get when the person is in front. Invent a credible excuse.Especially if a suspicious or jealous person. Perhaps you are going to have a lot of work accumulated?
  • In any case, try to make arrangements, call, reply, send messages, etc. on a schedule that do not will agree with and inform people of what that schedule so you do not call or invade a message at the wrong time.
  • Think of a hook to bring the honored person deceived site . The easiest thing is to see a couple going to celebrate the event intimately. But it can also be thinking that you’re going to dinner with the family. Or even that you conchabes with the head and make him believe you have to go to work.
  • A week before the party, again called everyone and remind that date approaches, what will be left, where, and explain the plan to bring the person honored without knowing anything.
  • Remind all day before in brief for everyone to be clear and if there spread tasks (Fulanito takes the costumes, Zutanita the cake and gift Zuranito), remember them and list them so that they are clear.

Well, if you know what to do, where, when, how many people, what it costs … Now you can organize you (call providers, book, if you have no place to look elsewhere, change the call, negotiate prices if necessary, search Late alternatives if a show or something) fails either get in the hands of an agency organizing events such as CumpleParty or they will take care to do all that work for you.The day of the surprise party, will certainly unexpected. But do not worry, that’s part of grace and will have stories to tell!

Surprise !!!

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March 27

Good ideas for organizing a children’s party

birthdayA party in which your child is the protagonist is an event you must prepare well in advance. And do not forget to go telling what will happen that day to keep the excitement and nerves you from enjoying the party.

The number of guests at the party depends on the child’s age, the space you have available, if your child goes to school or not and relatives to whom you please invite. Above all, remember that the party is for enjoyment, not for your commitments. Let him be the one who decides what friends invited. Márcale a maximum number, which can range between 8 and 10 so you can have them all checked and organize games in which everyone participates.

If it is small and goes to school, ask your teacher how children’s play at recess. From 4 years and will be able to draw up the list alone. If you do not go to school, invite friends to play in the park and family and friends with children of similar age.

Although you can buy invitations already made ​​and limit yourself to fill them with your data, it’s a good idea to involve the child in organizing the party asking him to prepare himself the cards. cardboards Purchase colors and prints photos of a topic you are passionate about (Disney characters, cartoons, soccer, comics …) or a picture of him. Fold the paper in half and paste any of these photos on the cover. Decorate the remaining free space with drawings made ​​with colored markers and do not forget to put the message “I invite you to my party!” . Fill in the inside with all the data: the place of celebration, date, time, address and your telephone and email address in case parents of the other kids want to contact you. Asks parents warn you when your child has any food allergies.

Another solution is to print some of the many invitations for children’s parties on our website. There are designs for every taste.

The snack
menu Develops appropriate for children. The secret to the take is a novel and striking presentation. You can find ideas for your snacks in our article “15 recipes for kids parties” or our Recipe Finder .

If he is older, try to involve you in preparing snack asking him to give you a hand with the sandwiches or give you ideas for homemade cake decorating you think prepare.

Where did you celebrate?
Until 4th birthday, it is best to prepare a house party. The kids will be more comfortable and you can organize games and have them checked. Thereafter you can choose to do it at home or elsewhere.

If you prefer to celebrate outside, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, farms, schools and playgrounds are a very good option. They are safe and fun designed for younger children, who will bring a touch to birthday especial.También find information on our sites  useful addresses . It will cost more but only have to worry about the invitations.

If you decide to celebrate it at home, you can hire the services of a clown, magicians, a bouncy castle, puppets or a storyteller. Contact them through our useful addresses . Otherwise, you’ll have to think about how to liven up the party.

The piñata

Indispensable in any children’s party. ¿ Want to make your own piñata ? We tell you how to proceed. It only will fill it with goodies, flutes, whistles and small toys cotillion type.


No funny birthday party without games. Forget improvise on the fly. You’ll have to be the cheerleader and put the kids up, you have enough. Make a list of games thinking more active one switch to another quieter, one physical and one’s thinking. Prepare and have on hand all the necessary arrangements -material, music, prizes … Place your reports “17 games for children’s parties”  and   “11 gaming with balloons” .

If the party is going to be costume, prepare masks for all, hats and equipment to paint them face. The games have to be specific. In  “Games for costume parties”  ‘ll find ideas.