March 27

Birthday for Kids: Six fun and affordable ideas

Picture: Fernando Weberich

To organize a birthday party for kids , memorable and fun, does not take much budget. It is also possible that the honoree and your guests enjoy a celebration prepared economically and tricks available online. This article contains inexpensive ideas to create original birthday invitations, decorate the party and set up a piñata , plus some playground infallible for the occasion.

1. economic birthday invitations for kids

A birthday party without guests is not a party. Therefore, the first step in organizing the anniversary of the child is preparing the invitations.

Thanks to Internet resources need not invest much in them. Will just missing a printer, paper, colored pencils and scissors .

On the website you can download Greetings Island numerous models of cheerful kids birthday invitations and customize. You can add text, drawings and even photographs .

Toads and Princesses The portal also offers an interesting collection of children’s party invitations very original.

Internet lets you create invitations very cheap and fun children’s birthday

Another option is to choose a favorite character drawing small and print invitations with him. In addition, it will be a fun to color them to your friends while.

An alternative to the more crafty with your computer and photo editing programs is riding a funny collage of photographs of children of different ages to serve as an invitation. You can also make a photomontage with his image and that of some of his favorite fictional characters.

2. Decorate the party of the child, for little money

Few children’s decorative elements , the most boring room can be transformed into a lively and fun nightclub to celebrate the birthday of children. First of all, you should remove all household items that can break or cause harm to the children, and leave the maximum possible for you to enjoy at your leisure space.

A simple and inexpensive idea to decorate the children’s party is to line the bottom of one wall of the room with brown paper or white .

With a little paint and imagination, the next step is to create a beautiful picture with the participation of all children in the house. If the honoree likes pirates, you can paint a great sailor landscape with the help of somesimple templates boat and skulls . The Web is easy to find all thematic templates.

It is also easy to decorate the room of celebration with balloons and custom pins . You can download the Red some models with letters to form the name of the child. In the blog Little Hannah , step by step, it explains how to make a beautiful garland to decorate child’s birthday party.

3. Games for children’s party

Picture: David Miller

It’s time to play. Entertain the kids with fun games is simple. You only need to list some of the most suitable proposals, depending on the age of the guests and space becomes available, and get down to work.

Smaller need activities and games led by adults. You can opt forchildren crafts or prepare for them an entertaining storytelling session.

From three or four years is possible to organize more active games and participatory. Classics like musical chairs, blind man’s buff and handkerchief are some of the favorites of children.

On the website Group games and the portal Boys and Big , many other interesting proposals for small game are detailed.

4. Costumes for children

Homemade costumes are cheap and fun in kid birthday party

Another idea that will make unforgettable birthday party child is having a trunk of costumes for children .

You have to collect a number of items with which children can before the party playing dress . It’s one of their favorite activities!

With time, it is possible to prepare for each guest a funny pirate patches and a beautiful princess crowns .

5. homemade Piñatas for small

The piñata will be a nice surprise for the birthday child. Making a home is simple. The blog Q’Lindo Crafts explains, step by step, how to ride a nice round piñata .

And with this video tutorial you can learn how to make a simple cardboard box in a special box of surprises .

6. Handbags sweets

Often gifts for the guests of the child’s birthday party with some candy at the end of the celebration. However, to have a large investment this detail is not needed.

Can be made ​​at home a sweet skewers , as proposed in Ark Glops, or developing some own homemade sweetswith the recipe listed on the website include Chiquitines.

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March 29

Easy song with three chords. Learn to play Happy Birthday in four different shades

easy song with three chords

Play your first easy song with three chords is an important milestone your learning guitar. It opens the door to hundreds of songs.

Before arriving here we recommend you’ve been through one song with two chords .

It’s nice smooth progression.

Reaching milestones.

That allows you to enjoy the ride while you travel.

You can also learn three chords, practice changing between them to acquire some fluency and try to touch directly your first easy song with three chords . If you remain constant in the effort you’re going to get.

This is what you can see on many websites.

It seems you can buy a guitar and the next day to play songs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you really start from scratch do not listen to those “siren” and begins with suitable material to your current skill with the guitar.

Before easy to play your first song with three chords you’ve had to:

  • learn first chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • learn the second chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with those two chords,
  • learn the third line,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with two chords using this new line,

All this will take several weeks of practice.

If you are a total beginner guitar I recommend you let the easy song with three chords for later and begin by holding the guitar , tune and learn the first chord .

And if you’re already prepared …

It’s time!

Cancion easy with three chords I, IV and V

In another article I have spoken of I and V chords

Now we add another chord and the IV

It means that those chords take the place one four five (I, IV and V in Roman numerals) within the range of the tone of the song.

If you have a song in C major tone

The notes of the C major scale are:















The chords I, IV and V have a special relationship.

They are the main chords in any key.

The I chord is the tone of the song is called tonic .

The IV chord is called subdominant .

The V chord is called dominant .

Stay with it because of the special musical relationship between the three chords I, IV and V, allow you to play hundreds of songs without using any other chord.

Speaking of tonic, dominant and subdominant. Chords I, V and IV. Facilitating’re able to play a song in different shades.

You just have to use the chords I, IV and V of the tone you want.

I leave a video with the song “Happy Birthday” played in four different shades.

For you to practice the chord changes.


If you want to skip the introduction and explanation of rhythm and go directly to the happy birthday song:

happy birthday in LA tone higher (A). Chords A, D and E from 1 minute. ‘

Happy Birthday tone D major (D). Chords D, G and A from the minute 1’49 “.

Happy Birthday SOL tone higher (G). Chords G, C and D from 2.35 minute. ”

Happy Birthday tone E major (E). Chords E, A and B7 from the minute 3’23 “.

Remember that this is a start. It’s just an easy song with three chords .

With the chords I, IV and V you can play hundreds of songs.

Launch into why more you like !.

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March 27

Check list for organizing a surprise party

birthday 1We have had to organize a surprise party for your partner, your brother, your mother or grandfather … What are you thinking !, stress. And … Well, a little bit, but nothing that can not be solved havingavailable two basic things: time and organization .

Time. It is clear that to organize a surprise party planned need to have it because it is so easy to call from one day to another people and available to come to the event you want to organize. Not to mention that getting contacts will take more than a few minutes because who are you to invite friends from the honored person, not yours.

And organization to not die trying and no loose ends. But do not worry, in CumpleParty have many years of experience in organizing events, so if you clear the party you want to mount and whom to invite, that you tell us a date, the organization we will take care for quiet rest.

But what you have to do to organize a surprise party?

  • Think over time. Whether it’s a birthday will, of course, on the anniversary. Or to anterior and posterior week.
  • Think what people would come to the party and make a first generic list of groups: family (parents, siblings, children, grandparents, uncles, nephews, in-laws …), friends (those of you common, their football team or book club, your best friend or friend, the college, the work), others (neighbors, who get along …).
  • Of these groups, think of a person who may have contacts rest. His best friend, for example, will almost certainly contact the rest of the group of friends. And within these, some have the faculty group or book club. Will have to chain. But for that you need time.
  • Could look at your email or your mobile agenda, but that’s ugly. You better do as we say in the previous section.
  • Once people located, make a joint call. For the management of who is and who is not easier, uses technology you have available . For example, if everyone has email, create a group and if you want to a form with Google Docs or Doodle in which people say if you are coming or not. Or create a group of Whatsup on mobile.
  • Remember to save your own agenda phone numbers and contacts of all guests for there is no last minute surprises.
  • Keep people informed of what is going to do, when, what time, where, how to get, if you pay something and how, if a joint gift is made ​​… And let always clear that NO ONE CALL THE HONOURED PERSON . If there is any problem, you call or whatsupeen to you.
  • You can consult on what to do for the party (what theme, what kind of activity, where …) but better than not give many options and that in any case the debatas in a small group because otherwise the debate can be eternal and party still catch you without being organized or agreement. Someone will decide in the end if you do not bow agree.
  • Think how you will hide the calls, messages and so they’re going to get when the person is in front. Invent a credible excuse.Especially if a suspicious or jealous person. Perhaps you are going to have a lot of work accumulated?
  • In any case, try to make arrangements, call, reply, send messages, etc. on a schedule that do not will agree with and inform people of what that schedule so you do not call or invade a message at the wrong time.
  • Think of a hook to bring the honored person deceived site . The easiest thing is to see a couple going to celebrate the event intimately. But it can also be thinking that you’re going to dinner with the family. Or even that you conchabes with the head and make him believe you have to go to work.
  • A week before the party, again called everyone and remind that date approaches, what will be left, where, and explain the plan to bring the person honored without knowing anything.
  • Remind all day before in brief for everyone to be clear and if there spread tasks (Fulanito takes the costumes, Zutanita the cake and gift Zuranito), remember them and list them so that they are clear.

Well, if you know what to do, where, when, how many people, what it costs … Now you can organize you (call providers, book, if you have no place to look elsewhere, change the call, negotiate prices if necessary, search Late alternatives if a show or something) fails either get in the hands of an agency organizing events such as CumpleParty or they will take care to do all that work for you.The day of the surprise party, will certainly unexpected. But do not worry, that’s part of grace and will have stories to tell!

Surprise !!!

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March 27

Good ideas for organizing a children’s party

birthdayA party in which your child is the protagonist is an event you must prepare well in advance. And do not forget to go telling what will happen that day to keep the excitement and nerves you from enjoying the party.

The number of guests at the party depends on the child’s age, the space you have available, if your child goes to school or not and relatives to whom you please invite. Above all, remember that the party is for enjoyment, not for your commitments. Let him be the one who decides what friends invited. Márcale a maximum number, which can range between 8 and 10 so you can have them all checked and organize games in which everyone participates.

If it is small and goes to school, ask your teacher how children’s play at recess. From 4 years and will be able to draw up the list alone. If you do not go to school, invite friends to play in the park and family and friends with children of similar age.

Although you can buy invitations already made ​​and limit yourself to fill them with your data, it’s a good idea to involve the child in organizing the party asking him to prepare himself the cards. cardboards Purchase colors and prints photos of a topic you are passionate about (Disney characters, cartoons, soccer, comics …) or a picture of him. Fold the paper in half and paste any of these photos on the cover. Decorate the remaining free space with drawings made ​​with colored markers and do not forget to put the message “I invite you to my party!” . Fill in the inside with all the data: the place of celebration, date, time, address and your telephone and email address in case parents of the other kids want to contact you. Asks parents warn you when your child has any food allergies.

Another solution is to print some of the many invitations for children’s parties on our website. There are designs for every taste.

The snack
menu Develops appropriate for children. The secret to the take is a novel and striking presentation. You can find ideas for your snacks in our article “15 recipes for kids parties” or our Recipe Finder .

If he is older, try to involve you in preparing snack asking him to give you a hand with the sandwiches or give you ideas for homemade cake decorating you think prepare.

Where did you celebrate?
Until 4th birthday, it is best to prepare a house party. The kids will be more comfortable and you can organize games and have them checked. Thereafter you can choose to do it at home or elsewhere.

If you prefer to celebrate outside, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, farms, schools and playgrounds are a very good option. They are safe and fun designed for younger children, who will bring a touch to birthday especial.También find information on our sites  useful addresses . It will cost more but only have to worry about the invitations.

If you decide to celebrate it at home, you can hire the services of a clown, magicians, a bouncy castle, puppets or a storyteller. Contact them through our useful addresses . Otherwise, you’ll have to think about how to liven up the party.

The piñata

Indispensable in any children’s party. ¿ Want to make your own piñata ? We tell you how to proceed. It only will fill it with goodies, flutes, whistles and small toys cotillion type.


No funny birthday party without games. Forget improvise on the fly. You’ll have to be the cheerleader and put the kids up, you have enough. Make a list of games thinking more active one switch to another quieter, one physical and one’s thinking. Prepare and have on hand all the necessary arrangements -material, music, prizes … Place your reports “17 games for children’s parties”  and   “11 gaming with balloons” .

If the party is going to be costume, prepare masks for all, hats and equipment to paint them face. The games have to be specific. In  “Games for costume parties”  ‘ll find ideas.