September 25

Beer and prostitute, on birthday of Pedro Juan in prison

A birthday of luxury with the right beer, whisky and the best escort service in London. That was the peculiar way that a drug trafficker found to commemorate his birthday. The case would go unnoticed if it is that the private party was carried out at the regional penitentiary of the terrace of the country, where the “birthdays” is being held on drug charges. Pedro Juan Caballero. Emerson Dutra, correspondent.

Prison in Pedro Juan Caballero.

The serious complaint was made by the head of the order and security of the Department of Amambay, Commissioner Walter Vázquez Alderete.

According to the high police Chief, his “informant” was that happened the information e, immediately gave notice to the Attorney General.

“We have received information about the income of packs of beer, whisky and prostitutes in the prison grounds, so we immediately gave notice to the Prosecutor’s Office”, said the uniformed.

After receiving the complaint, the Prosecutor on duty, Martín Areco, requested search warrant of the prison grounds the criminal judge of warranties, Luis Benítez Noguera.

According to the data, both the representative of the public prosecutor and the head of order and security waited until midnight the judicial authorization to pave the penitentiary, ordering that they said, conspicuously not was signed by the concerned judge.

After receiving the news of the court clerk that search warrant was not signed, the Commissioner Vázquez Alderete and Prosecutor Areco removed from the courthouse.


Asked about the issue, judge Benítez Noguera denied that it has been excused to sign a search warrant of the regional jail.

He said that after receiving the order of the public prosecutor’s Office, gave process ordering would pave the place. I claimed that document was recently withdrawn by the public prosecutor’s Office in the morning yesterday.

“Being a public institution, not needed for search warrant. Enough the authorization of the controller to verify the veracity of the complaint,”said the judge.

Juan Velázquez, questioned the criminal director, denied that a private party inside the prison is completed.

He said, even yesterday slept in the criminal without registering any abnormality in the place.

The senior official of the Ministry of Justice and labour, “It was not nothing, absolutely nothing here,” said bluntly at the time qualify as completely “false” information.

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