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Best restaurants to celebrate your birthday


Happy birthday to you


Now is your birthday and you want to celebrate it, alone or accompanied. For that special day you deserve everything where we found the task of finding places where you don’t pay nothing or very little and that breakfast, eat, read rich or throw you a few drinks to celebrate one record more than life.

There are options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at the end throw you a few shots, with specifications that wall you and notes data, or better, print this notice and keep it on hand because it can be very useful.


Applies only the day you birthday, you must bring a copy of IFE and give you an amount of $250 to ask anything you like from the menu. Choose well. Apply all day, go off to lunch or dinner with a minimum of a companion. Check out the branches on this link.


For a good Mexican breakfast. Here you get an amount of up to $80. You can go alone.It is applied only on the birthday and you must present IFE to prove it.

Sandals Jamaica
Lathe 166
Axis 3 South (Av. Morelos)
and Juan A. Mateos
Col. graphic arts
Phone 0320-5768.


It applies the day of your birthday, you must carry a passenger unless, bring copy of IFE, and the two loads that deducted is the lowest. We recommend the branch that is on Avenida Juarez, almost opposite the House, beautiful and has a very nice view. Ideal for breakfast. To see Branch Office, click on this link.


Located within the Park Xochitla. If your compliance falls on Saturday or Sunday this place will be a good choice because you can eat for free and walk in the place. It applies only on the birthday and if the birthday person is a minor must bring copy of birth certificate or the CURP. The drinks are the only thing that you have to pay. The place is open from Monday to Sunday. Click to view the data in place .

Vancouver patio waterfront

The Dockside Patio is a truly unique False Creek waterfront experience and has been named the “Best Patio in Vancouver” three years in a row in the Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards. Breathtaking views of the Yaletown skyline and North Shore Mountains surround al fresco diners as they watch the small vessels travelling along False Creek inlet.

The Dockside Patio


There is an escondidito place that delights in his letter to eat in Claveria. The birthday promotion gives you up to $200 in the celebrated consumption and gives you the piece of pie or a dessert. Applied (once) any day of the month that years. It should take three companions and take glass of IFE.

Sushi Long
Avenida Claveria 112-B,
Col. Clavería, Azcapotzalco
6365 2285 phone
Sun-Thu 13 – 20 h,
Fri-Sat 13-23 h.


The birthday does not pay at lunch or dinner. Fork free (buffet) only have to pay for drinks or something that is requested is not on the all-you-can-eat concept. There is no minimum of companions and to introduce IFE. It is applied in all branches on the birthday…

Insurgents branch
Branch Polanco
Green Hills branch


The buffet for the birthday child is free, except drinks. Wear 3 companions, applies only the day of the birthday and you must show IFE. The promotion applies to the Montevideo branch.

The Campirano Montevideo
Montevideo 636
Between 6 October
Esq. one hundred meters
Col. San Bartolo Atepehuacan
Tel. 5567 0111/5368 6066


Another buffet and this includes beverages and desserts. The best thing is that if you like you can only go to eat. Applied in all branches on the birthday and during the week you should go before 6 pm. We must introduce IFE. If a cut of meat then it seems you only apply you 15% discount. Branches Sirloin Stockade


Chops for the birthday boy. You can apply the promo only Monday through Friday, although the weekend meet. It should carry 4 companions and pay with credit or debit card. Includes soup, main dish, drink at the choice of the letter and piece of pie. It presents IFE at any of the branches to make valid the promo. We bring you the data of the branch of the Valley.

Texas Ribs
Insurgentes Sur 826 int. 12th floor
Between Tijuana and Eugenia
Col. del Valle
Tel. 5536 4202

Other branches.


Here we must take at least 3 chaperones, show IFE and the birthday person will have to pay their drinks. Option for lunch or dinner. Piazolla Pedregal


Here are to be applied only on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday of the month of your fulfilled in any of the branches. It must be worn IFE and 3 accompanying persons.Courtesy includes a dish of choice of appetizers, a strong to choose from a la carte dish, and a dessert of the classics of The Mansion. It does not include drinks. Offer valid throughout the day. Branches Mansion


In the branch of the historic centre, on Tuesdays and Thursdays the birthday person receives a free bottle, which give the House. I have to pay $200 for mixers, applies throughout the month of your birthday (once) and have to introduce IFE. In the other branches of the Chilanguita the promo is only valid on Tuesdays. Thursday at the branch of the historic centre there are group live. The Chilanguita branches


Here the bottle is for choosing between rum, tequila, or vodka. I have to pay $350 for the mixers. It applies at two branches there, have to introduce IFE and there is no restriction of companions. The Costeñito branches

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