June 29

Birthday and Inbound Marketing offerings

One of the features of the Inbound marketing is to deliver content at the right time, with a content or offer of interest to our users or customers, here is where a birthday offering takes a relevant importance, a day in which our customer/user is receptive to congratulate, celebrate and spend one day over expected by anyone.

Birthday is the right time to take advantage of it with a special or best offer even a personalized experience, this instance may be differentiation that will help to make a purchase decision or return the interest in your product or service, in addition to remember your brand.

This action can be used both in the phase of attraction such as the loyalty helping us keep customers and obtain new as we will see later.

How to start?

To start obviously must have the birthday in our database,How to get it?, with a request for data, I recommend update is an update via email, although you can add birthday into the form of recruitment, but this can create friction in generating conversion, so I recommend is a second instance , updating data with some incentive discounts, raffles, etc.

That birthday offer do?

Birthday offer better according to the personalization that we can generate, in our database, we will have customers, prospects, cold, hot, neutral, subscribers or suppliers, among additional information we have of them better, in the case of a client e-commerce to buy pants, a good deal for your birthday would be a discount for shoes or additional clothing, to a subscriber of our app a membership of 30 days free for you try all the advantages of our app for example would be a good gift, the more data the offer will accommodate it your taste for better reception and feeling for our brand. The typical discount on the product which is less already sold is not an option.Segmentation!

Who am offer birthday, to retain customers or users to capture?

This strategy is usually only used to enhance loyalty, the post-sale phase, with a good segmentation and brand recognition can enhance the up selling and / cross selling. Customers should always be referred to in such strategies, without neglecting to users, subscribers and prospects, also it is very important to perform it, it is a gateway that they consume our product or services with an offer, discount or product free in the right time where they are more receptive.

tu cumpleanos feliz logoThrough this Foundation, attracting users through birthday deals, and more than 40,000 thousand people’s birthday every day in Chile was born¬†Tucumpleanosfeliz.cl, platform geolocation of birthday offers and unique is its kind in Latin America, a site can where upload birthday of your business offers to all those who are fulfilling years, or friends family members who are looking for a good offer to celebrate. You can also subscribe your birthday and receive birthday offers in your city.

Upload an offer is very simple, you log in to digital agency thailand, complete the form and you’ll be with your offer. more than 100 associated businesses, among them there are travel agencies, hairdressers, cinemas, furniture stores, hotels, spa, sports, restaurants, producers, meeting rooms, bars and even a section of adults with offers on strippers, more and more requested by the birthday girls.

The site will be launched on June 1, 2015, is free and already has over 3500 Subscribers waiting for offers from birthday.

Do you have birthday offers to your users?

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