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Birthday Disney Mickey Mouse Economic And Beautiful For Your Children

It was a pleasure to be part of the Group of moms bloggers #DisneySide from Disney this year. The challenge was to show our side Disney and create a feast of our favorite character for children. My daughter, Ayelén, loves Mickey Mouse, so it was chosen to create a beautiful birthday celebration; Economic and that our small guests loved them.

Here are all the tips so that you make it at home.

1. decoration

It is very easy to decorate if you give rein to imagination. The decoration is based on black and red, you have the following:

-The table tablecloth

-Center of table

-Candy holder

-Slate’s birthday


Search among your kitchen tools wide mouth sizes of glass containers (or you can visit secondary glazing company reviews)

If you like doing crafts or recycle, probably have black and red tape. The role that you will need to take containers on the inside, you can get it using paper napkins that you can find in the part of celebrations at your nearest store.

To get these porta-dulces, put inside containers napkins, and a monkey at the mouth of the container with tape. Fill with your favorite treats.

In this I am using a recycled empty container of a product, black napkins, red monkey and sweet licorette black and red tape.


In this one, I am using a regular contender kitchen. I am using Red napkins, black tape and fill it with mini-dulces of various flavors. Cut Mickey Mouse doll from one of the plates of cake that we use to serve the cake.



We did it with two plastic tablecloths of the most economical. I put one black base, and cut the Red round so that create the effect of points on the table. Something so simple and economical can completely change the presentation of your table.



For the center of table, get a low wide mouth source, to place a base plastoformo-polystyrene-styrofoam in it that you can click the lollipops. The plastoformo with tape or paper red is of, and inserted blades putting together a bouquet like this that I show you. I added a couple of hearts to make it look more cute.



We did cupcakes and cape in Cup for the larger ones. The difference is that the cupcakes are put in the papers of children and the cake in Cup in vessels of glasses for adults and may have variations in the mass, as a little bit of rum, for example.

These are the cup in a cake. Click here or the photo to know the recipe.


And these are the cupcakes for the kids. This is an adapted version of this recipe. Add the cocoa and uses seasonal fruits or which one you like. Here is the recipe with a click on the photo or link.


If you want to make your cupcakes to decorate the table. This is a good idea!



The central cake is a common recipe for cake, fill to your liking. Bake it or buy it. The decoration is that makes the difference and is very easy to get. Decorate with red common cream, or decorate with white common cream and buy a dye red cake that you can find in the part of birthday of your crazy store. Black spots and the monitas, I made with the leaves of sugar you also find in the same place. Is llaman likewise.Leaves of sugar. It says in English and Spanish. The dots did them with a homemade punch, and the bows I made them with long bits cut with scissors, and that was it. I put the initial of the name of my daughter, along with the number of years that meets, also using long bits of sugar sheet. Sugar sheets come in all colors, and the consistency is perfect to do these things.


And this was the final result. This was our table.


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