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Birthday game: Birthday Party detectives and spies

Recommended Age: 6 to 10 years

Being a spy or a private detective is the dream of many children, to solve mysteries and action holds this singular attracts small way. If your child wants this kind of party, will certainly have fun both in planning and in the same party.

How to start?

You must make the guest list using Spy software at least one month before the party and send out invitations to three weeks in advance. Make sure there is no religious or civil feast on the day you choose, as many of your guests may not attend the party.

You can expand a fingerprint of your child and make copies for use as an invitation. 
Write data invitation with white crayon and indicates the guests to spend some cotton with colored water to decrypt data.

You can also download a FREE file, Gift Hispanic Parent and print.



Ask guests to dress and lick it so that there 
can be recognized. Everything is permitted: hats, wigs, 
mustaches, glasses and clothing that would never use in their daily lives.

You can give prizes to the most creative costume, the scariest, the most 
happy, etc. If small children you should give a prize to each child.


The decoration should be done in dark colors like black, gray, 
silver and white and add a touch of color on the table. This will always 
be the center of attention and therefore there should focus greater 
effort. Use plastic or colored paper to make the tablecloth and decorate with crayons distributed fingerprints or children 
to write messages in secret codes on paper.

Cut silhouettes of footprints made ​​in black paper on the floor 
and question marks hanging from the ceiling or walls.

You have your own piñata hat with a balloon and paper 
mache, cut it in half, colócale a circle of cardboard 
around and wrap it with colorful crepe paper.

The traditional round cake can be decorated with a magnifying glass and glasses. Hides a treasure among the mass before grilling (must be great for children from drowning, it wins you 
touch on your portion.

Entering children have to give personal information and put your 
fingerprint on a small badge. You can 
take a picture if you like print them quickly. Each child 
must receive approval of their identity before entering.

You have a silhouette of the foot of each guest and mark on the part of 
back, then display them to know who guess who owns 
each silhouette.

Hand out a magnifying each of the guests and delivered keys or 
specialized in letter so small that the guests should information 

20 objects placed inside a pillowcase, guests must reach in ye identify the object.

Produces different sounds without guests can know what causes it and ask them to identify.

Fingerprint identification:

Provides ink pads for children to print their 
fingerprints and can be observed with magnifying glasses and see their 
differences. Do not forget to have disposable wipes so that 
your fingers clean.

Relay Race:
Divide the children into two groups and give each group a set of objects 
as wig, hat, sunglasses and a coat or raincoat. Children should 
put the clothes and run to where his teammates, 
there should deliver the items to the next runner and this in turn 
should colocárselas before running. The team that finishes 
the race first.

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