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Birthday Parties for Dogs, the New Trend in the Pet Market

It is Antonio and Angela Garzón, two graduates of the University Externado de Colombia who decided to start a venture dedicated to celebrating birthdays to pets as if it were a child.

The company Birthday Dog emerged after the Garzón family will dimension the love that a pet can offer, having had a dog that lived with them for many years.

After the death of this pet and over the years, Angela became independent and took as her son Otto , a Boston terrier to which he transferred all the love of his old pet.

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In an interview with Dinero , the company’s founders explained that due to their love for ‘Otto’ they decided to celebrate their first birthday in a very special way.

It was so that Angela went to the task of finding out where she could get personalized decoration to hold a party , as well as a special cake for her pet.

As reported, acquiring the cake was not a problem for them, but at the time of getting the implements and the advice to perform an event of these characteristics if they had several drawbacks.

This is how canine birthdays are celebrated. Visit this link

This is because most of these products could not be acquired in the country, but only on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or other US portals where such events are common. 

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It was thus that the brothers saw a business opportunity and in the first instance started a business specialized in marketing decorative objects for the pets parties.

However, shortly afterwards, they identified that this was not enough and they have allied themselves with different canine bakeries to offer a better experience from the gastronomic point of view.

But Antonio and Angela did not stay there only, since they also verified that in these events the experience could be improved if they organized different activities of entertainment for mascots and owners.

This is how they planned different recreational games (mainly obstacles) that are combined with the decoration and delicacies for dogs ‘birthday’, which, in most cases, are accompanied by about 6 canine friends at the party.

Added to this service were a complete audiovisual offer of photography and videos in high quality, which provide users who want to keep a good memory of the singular party that attracts the attention of neighbors and curious passers-by.

The parties, which take place in green areas arranged by pet owners or in public parks throughout the city, cost an average of about $ 300,000, according to Antonio Garzón explained to this medium.

The manager points out that, unlike what you might think, the service is not purchased by high-income people, but rather by middle-class citizens who love their pets.

Even this service has been crowded in popular sectors of the city, people who want their pets and save the money to make a special celebration.

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A criticized service

Antonio Garzón recognizes that this service can be highly criticized in Colombia, since many people consider that it is a nonsense to invest in a birthday of a dog when it could give a better destiny to the money.

However, he clarifies that people are at liberty to make this investment because only they know how much they love their pets and how much they would be willing to give for them.


“This subject also has many critics, people who believe that the subject is reduced to putting a cap to the dog and that he does not enjoy that,” said Antonio Garzón.

The person in charge of Birthday Dog defends his idea and for that reason does not hesitate to affirm that in this type of events, in which the pets they bear their own birthday cap, not only they amuse the pets but also the people.

It has been so striking the idea that several customers in different cities of the country have requested the service, which so far can be purchased in the city of Bogota and 15 kilometers around. 

The business, which started with the Garzón family’s own resources, will be updated this year with a new web portal to market decorative products online, but also do not rule out entering new segments such as pet clothing.

Enter your search terms

The market around pets has become a business opportunity for the country’s entrepreneurs, who also develop mobile applications thought of them.

One of these tools is PetValet, a mobile application that connects pet owners who go on vacation or have little time with people who are willing to take care of them in their absence.

This app, according to its developers was created to make life easier for pets and their owners, and generate extra money for college students, housewives or professionals working from home.

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