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Fiestas y talleres en Villa Principessa

Celebrate your children’s parties for children from 3 to 12 years at villas in Mauritius. Villa Mauritius is a very special children’s Entertainment Centre , with very neat activities and in a truly magical atmosphere. Celebrate your children’s parties or targeting your children to one of the fun Villa Mauritius workshops.



In Villa Mauritius parties are thematic and exclusive, only held a party on the day, including creative workshops where children will learn playing. Prom princesses, Cowboys, pirates, chefs and magicians


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En party “Shoemaker and pirates”and children will seek the treasure of the Pirata Malapata, a yinkana fun and adapted to the age of the kids; we maquillaremos fancy, as not, while we do a fun creative workshop!

At the party “Magic”and children become magicians for a day, creative workshops and a scavenger hunt of magic where kids will have to overcome different tests based on spells and potions.. .until giving with the big book of magic, turn this party into a favorite of children from the age of 8.


At the party “Cooking”, boys and girls become real chefs for a day, learn to knead, in moldar and bake their cookie, then we will decorate it with different figures from fondant, it will give us time to do a creative workshop related to cooking and a fun Yinkana team of course, culinary-themed!



At Villa Mauritius , you’ll find a space for celebrations children’s care up to the last detail. You won’t have to worry about anything because at Villa Mauritius will not miss even one of the ideas that you’ve imagined. All the snacks are handmade and include cupcakes, bar of candy and freshly baked cookiesfor the occasion.


Villa Mauritius, where children are children.

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