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Check list for organizing a surprise party

birthday 1We have had to organize a surprise party for your partner, your brother, your mother or grandfather … What are you thinking !, stress. And … Well, a little bit, but nothing that can not be solved havingavailable two basic things: time and organization .

Time. It is clear that to organize a surprise party planned need to have it because it is so easy to call from one day to another people and available to come to the event you want to organize. Not to mention that getting contacts will take more than a few minutes because who are you to invite friends from the honored person, not yours.

And organization to not die trying and no loose ends. But do not worry, in CumpleParty have many years of experience in organizing events, so if you clear the party you want to mount and whom to invite, that you tell us a date, the organization we will take care for quiet rest.

But what you have to do to organize a surprise party?

  • Think over time. Whether it’s a birthday will, of course, on the anniversary. Or to anterior and posterior week.
  • Think what people would come to the party and make a first generic list of groups: family (parents, siblings, children, grandparents, uncles, nephews, in-laws …), friends (those of you common, their football team or book club, your best friend or friend, the college, the work), others (neighbors, who get along …).
  • Of these groups, think of a person who may have contacts rest. His best friend, for example, will almost certainly contact the rest of the group of friends. And within these, some have the faculty group or book club. Will have to chain. But for that you need time.
  • Could look at your email or your mobile agenda, but that’s ugly. You better do as we say in the previous section.
  • Once people located, make a joint call. For the management of who is and who is not easier, uses technology you have available . For example, if everyone has email, create a group and if you want to a form with Google Docs or Doodle in which people say if you are coming or not. Or create a group of Whatsup on mobile.
  • Remember to save your own agenda phone numbers and contacts of all guests for there is no last minute surprises.
  • Keep people informed of what is going to do, when, what time, where, how to get, if you pay something and how, if a joint gift is made ​​… And let always clear that NO ONE CALL THE HONOURED PERSON . If there is any problem, you call or whatsupeen to you.
  • You can consult on what to do for the party (what theme, what kind of activity, where …) but better than not give many options and that in any case the debatas in a small group because otherwise the debate can be eternal and party still catch you without being organized or agreement. Someone will decide in the end if you do not bow agree.
  • Think how you will hide the calls, messages and so they’re going to get when the person is in front. Invent a credible excuse.Especially if a suspicious or jealous person. Perhaps you are going to have a lot of work accumulated?
  • In any case, try to make arrangements, call, reply, send messages, etc. on a schedule that do not will agree with and inform people of what that schedule so you do not call or invade a message at the wrong time.
  • Think of a hook to bring the honored person deceived site . The easiest thing is to see a couple going to celebrate the event intimately. But it can also be thinking that you’re going to dinner with the family. Or even that you conchabes with the head and make him believe you have to go to work.
  • A week before the party, again called everyone and remind that date approaches, what will be left, where, and explain the plan to bring the person honored without knowing anything.
  • Remind all day before in brief for everyone to be clear and if there spread tasks (Fulanito takes the costumes, Zutanita the cake and gift Zuranito), remember them and list them so that they are clear.

Well, if you know what to do, where, when, how many people, what it costs … Now you can organize you (call providers, book, if you have no place to look elsewhere, change the call, negotiate prices if necessary, search Late alternatives if a show or something) fails either get in the hands of an agency organizing events such as CumpleParty or they will take care to do all that work for you.The day of the surprise party, will certainly unexpected. But do not worry, that’s part of grace and will have stories to tell!

Surprise !!!

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