April 3

Christian Grey Happy Birthday!

Could it be true? censored scenes from the Movie 50 Shades of Grey are the most searched on google.

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan embodying Christian Grey Anastasia and prepare for the World premiere this February 12, 2015.

Are we about to see without rop @ a ‘Jamie Dornan in scenes with her birthday suit ?! According to several sources, yes!

The actor of 31 years, reports a full-frontal nude for the film 50 shades of gray    !

If you read the book, you know the character Dornan, Christian Grey, spends almost half the time Christian Grey is without clothes so EL James leaves nothing to the imagination for fans of the trilogy “50 Shades of Grey PDF




A day like today was born Cristian gray … they’d treat you?

A day like today was born Cristian gray … they’d treat him

She counted it chose the name Grey because it means ‘gray’ because he believes that everything is not black and white, but there are shades of gray. – The number = 50 = no account.

Christian Grey Happy Birthday !!!
– tones or shades are the different facets of Christian life
– the gray depends as they are considered: good, fair or poor
Finally, the think are countless facets and their traumas, by that “Fifties shadows”

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