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Crepe Paper Streamer Decorating Ideas

Papel Crepe Streamer Ideas Decoración

Decoration for a party or other event with crepe paper time has been a hiring jobs near me and a common way to make a space look festive. When you are throwing a party, consider using brightly colored crepe paper to create all kinds of decorations. While strings hanging is the most common form of decorating a space with crepe paper, there are other types of decorations that you can make.


Decorate with their streamers of crepe paper of stringing them traditionally. For example, place streamers of crepe paper above a threshold and let that you hang down so people have to walk through them when they are entering or exiting the door.Another idea is to completely cover the roof of the room with the streamers of crepe paper. Connect the streamer of the upper part of the wall on one side of the room and then the chain of streamer across the room and attach it to the wall opposite. Continue doing this until the entire roof is covered with streamers of crepe paper.


Use their streamers of crepe paper to create animals. For example, cover a plate of paper with the streamers of crepe paper, then place eight coils at the back of the plate of paper and let that they hang down to create an Octopus. Make a zebra by cutting a shape from a piece of cardboard or cardboard horse and then to cover it with strips of paper crepe black and white to create a look of Zebra.


Create some crepe paper flowers that used large crepe paper streamers. Cut the square forms of the streamers of crepe paper and coating them with about five sheets of paper crepe. You could use a color crepe paper or different colors, depending on the look of the flowers that you want to create. Fold the squares in the form of accordion. Wrap a piece of wire of florist around the center of the accordion paper crepe to make crepe paper flower and create the flower stem. In line with the florist is in place, unfold the papers and fan out, creating the flower. Use flowers to create centerpieces and other decorations.


Choose extra wide strips of paper crepe for this party decoration. Cut slits in the coils of paper crepe on the sides, top and bottom, leaving the central part intact. This will give the crepe paper streamer to the appearance of the Strip at the top and the bottom. When the Strip is complete, attach it to a wall, and then turn the Strip so that it has a three-dimensional appearance. Attached to another wall. Another idea is to use the crepe paper fringe to create pennants in tables.


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