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Easy song with three chords. Learn to play Happy Birthday in four different shades

easy song with three chords

Play your first easy song with three chords is an important milestone your learning guitar. It opens the door to hundreds of songs.

Before arriving here we recommend you’ve been through one song with two chords .

It’s nice smooth progression.

Reaching milestones.

That allows you to enjoy the ride while you travel.

You can also learn three chords, practice changing between them to acquire some fluency and try to touch directly your first easy song with three chords . If you remain constant in the effort you’re going to get.

This is what you can see on many websites.

It seems you can buy a guitar and the next day to play songs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you really start from scratch do not listen to those “siren” and begins with suitable material to your current skill with the guitar.

Before easy to play your first song with three chords you’ve had to:

  • learn first chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • learn the second chord ,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with those two chords,
  • learn the third line,
  • I do sound good,
  • switch between them fluently,
  • play a song with two chords using this new line,

All this will take several weeks of practice.

If you are a total beginner guitar I recommend you let the easy song with three chords for later and begin by holding the guitar , tune and learn the first chord .

And if you’re already prepared …

It’s time!

Cancion easy with three chords I, IV and V

In another article I have spoken of I and V chords

Now we add another chord and the IV

It means that those chords take the place one four five (I, IV and V in Roman numerals) within the range of the tone of the song.

If you have a song in C major tone

The notes of the C major scale are:















The chords I, IV and V have a special relationship.

They are the main chords in any key.

The I chord is the tone of the song is called tonic .

The IV chord is called subdominant .

The V chord is called dominant .

Stay with it because of the special musical relationship between the three chords I, IV and V, allow you to play hundreds of songs without using any other chord.

Speaking of tonic, dominant and subdominant. Chords I, V and IV. Facilitating’re able to play a song in different shades.

You just have to use the chords I, IV and V of the tone you want.

I leave a video with the song “Happy Birthday” played in four different shades.

For you to practice the chord changes.


If you want to skip the introduction and explanation of rhythm and go directly to the happy birthday song:

happy birthday in LA tone higher (A). Chords A, D and E from 1 minute. ‘

Happy Birthday tone D major (D). Chords D, G and A from the minute 1’49 “.

Happy Birthday SOL tone higher (G). Chords G, C and D from 2.35 minute. ”

Happy Birthday tone E major (E). Chords E, A and B7 from the minute 3’23 “.

Remember that this is a start. It’s just an easy song with three chords .

With the chords I, IV and V you can play hundreds of songs.

Launch into why more you like !.

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