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Good ideas for organizing a children’s party

birthdayA party in which your child is the protagonist is an event you must prepare well in advance. And do not forget to go telling what will happen that day to keep the excitement and nerves you from enjoying the party.

The number of guests at the party depends on the child’s age, the space you have available, if your child goes to school or not and relatives to whom you please invite. Above all, remember that the party is for enjoyment, not for your commitments. Let him be the one who decides what friends invited. Márcale a maximum number, which can range between 8 and 10 so you can have them all checked and organize games in which everyone participates.

If it is small and goes to school, ask your teacher how children’s play at recess. From 4 years and will be able to draw up the list alone. If you do not go to school, invite friends to play in the park and family and friends with children of similar age.

Although you can buy invitations already made ​​and limit yourself to fill them with your data, it’s a good idea to involve the child in organizing the party asking him to prepare himself the cards. cardboards Purchase colors and prints photos of a topic you are passionate about (Disney characters, cartoons, soccer, comics …) or a picture of him. Fold the paper in half and paste any of these photos on the cover. Decorate the remaining free space with drawings made ​​with colored markers and do not forget to put the message “I invite you to my party!” . Fill in the inside with all the data: the place of celebration, date, time, address and your telephone and email address in case parents of the other kids want to contact you. Asks parents warn you when your child has any food allergies.

Another solution is to print some of the many invitations for children’s parties on our website. There are designs for every taste.

The snack
menu Develops appropriate for children. The secret to the take is a novel and striking presentation. You can find ideas for your snacks in our article “15 recipes for kids parties” or our Recipe Finder .

If he is older, try to involve you in preparing snack asking him to give you a hand with the sandwiches or give you ideas for homemade cake decorating you think prepare.

Where did you celebrate?
Until 4th birthday, it is best to prepare a house party. The kids will be more comfortable and you can organize games and have them checked. Thereafter you can choose to do it at home or elsewhere.

If you prefer to celebrate outside, amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, farms, schools and playgrounds are a very good option. They are safe and fun designed for younger children, who will bring a touch to birthday especial.También find information on our sites  useful addresses . It will cost more but only have to worry about the invitations.

If you decide to celebrate it at home, you can hire the services of a clown, magicians, a bouncy castle, puppets or a storyteller. Contact them through our useful addresses . Otherwise, you’ll have to think about how to liven up the party.

The piñata

Indispensable in any children’s party. ¿ Want to make your own piñata ? We tell you how to proceed. It only will fill it with goodies, flutes, whistles and small toys cotillion type.


No funny birthday party without games. Forget improvise on the fly. You’ll have to be the cheerleader and put the kids up, you have enough. Make a list of games thinking more active one switch to another quieter, one physical and one’s thinking. Prepare and have on hand all the necessary arrangements -material, music, prizes … Place your reports “17 games for children’s parties”  and   “11 gaming with balloons” .

If the party is going to be costume, prepare masks for all, hats and equipment to paint them face. The games have to be specific. In  “Games for costume parties”  ‘ll find ideas.

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