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How to buy safe toys for children in their birthday

How do I know if I am buying a safe toy and that it meets established standards? This is a question asked most of the parents when they go to a store to buy a gift for his son.Associations which defend the interests of consumers warn all persons that have very careful during shopping, especially during the Christmas.

How to buy a safe toy?

At the time of purchase and give a toy, it is advisable to follow some guidelines:

-Pay attention to labels presenting toys. Must, have to carry: the “CE” mark, which means that the product complies with European Community safety standards; the name and the brand name of the product; business name and address of the manufacturer or importer; instructions and warnings for use; and, in case of electric toys, its maximum power, the voltage they need and its energy consumption must be specified.

-Check the tag. Learn more about the age for which the toy use is recommended.

-Checks their quality. If you buy a doll, a stuffed animal or a similar toy, make sure that eyes, ears, etc. are either sewn or glued, unless there is a danger of that shed.

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-Warnings. If you purchase comets or other flying toys, carrying a warning that must not be used near power lines, or if you buy water toys, which has tips that use in the water, you can and always under the supervision of an adult. And games with chemical experiences, aimed at older than 10 years, must contain a warning that contain hazardous substances.

-Pay attention to the instructions and warnings of the battery chargers. Some do not have mechanisms to prevent overheating, and the batteries can also be the cause of serious accidents.

-Safety plug. Toys that use electric current should have a safety plug.

-Avoid toys that have sharp edges, sharp or pointed, mainly for the children under eight years of age.

-Holding. Observed that the “whistle” rubber toys that sound can not break off and be swallowed. Should it be made all in one piece.

-Precautions. Be careful with the toys that resemble food of truth. Children may try to eat them.

-Avoids accidents. For children under six years of age, avoid toys containing small parts. The toy must be sufficiently large so that it can not be swallowed.

-Unbreakable materials. Toys for babies must be made with materials that are not cut.Also those who are varnished or painted should be avoided.

-Security moving. Toys on wheels, scooters or skates, must always be used together with a helmet and a proper safety equipment to the small size.

-Projectiles. Projectile toys are not suitable for young children. The inappropriate use of these toys could cause serious injury in the eyes of the child.

- Batteries. The task of charging the batteries of a toy must always be supervised by an adult. Do not allow your toddler to handle batteries or adapters.

-Careful packing. Once open gifts, it discards all plastic wrap to avoid that they become harmful items to play.

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