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How to cut cakes and biscuits with a saw without shredding them

The only bakery are perfect cakes, with equal distribution of layers and fillings, with smooth coverage and impeccable forms.There is the typical mound central, so characteristic of the top of the cake. There is no loose crumbs, or a higher than another part. The volumes are evenly matched. When we do home-made biscuits and cakes, we try to be so, and try that filling, decorationand presentation are as good as in the pastry. We try, but we don’t always get it, because even when we make a nice cake, just spoiling it at the time of serving. How to work these desserts so they are super to us? How to cut them without destroying its structure or its appearance? The following article compiles some very simple tricks to achieve this.

Biscuits perfect, step by step

With some easy tricks and material of patisserie, or simply with a little skill and a good serrated knife you can get surprising results.

  • Get smooth surfaces. First of all, we have prepared a biscuit type Genoese unmold and cool. Place it on a plate or a swivel base, which will help us to handle it at the time of cutting it. The shape of the cake will depend on the mould where we bake it, although it is usually cylindrical.

    • Biscuits are often a “Hill” in the center of the top, fruit of the cooking in the oven. We will have to match that part, removing it carefully, so that the surface is flat. We will use a long-edged, knife saw, that allows to cut more cleanly fluffy biscuits. We will make a horizontal cut to match that surface, so you shouldn’t remove many layer of cake.
    • Once matched, we give back to the cake. The secret of that surface as smooth of the cakes is that the top of the cake is, in fact, its base. That is why it is so flat.
  • Layers of padding equal. To cut the cake in several layers, we can proceed in various ways and with various useful pastry.

    • The lira is a kind of scroll saw, it is the best portable table saw for cutting cakes but placed fixed on the basis of the table, while we went Baba by his blade. Thus, once we regulate the number of inches to cut the layers, we will achieve cuts clean and equal.
    • Another way is to use a mold of adjustable diameter cake pastry and with some slots to be able to introduce the knife, this way we will get a few precise cuts and without much effort.
    • But if ours is the artisan and crafts like us, to get an impeccable records of cake is to use a ruler and a few sticks. We measure the distance that we are going to make each cut, mark the perimeter with a few toothpicks (that we will serve as a guide for twisting us) and finally cut, carefully, using the same knife saw and long edge.
  • Impeccable portions. Finally, to cut an already assembled cake, fill and decorated, we have two options. We can use a serrated knife or, if not, a kitchen knife as the Japanese, those who have a few small incisions on the sides of the cutting edge. These incisions help between the air and we can make better cuts. Either way, after every cut we clean our knife blade, since always creeps some cream filling and surface. When cleaning, we will all impeccable cuts, like a pro.


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