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How to Write a Birthday Greeting in English

How many times, when you have to write messages and birthday greeting cards, do you find yourself spinning words without feeling satisfied?

Having a reduced vocabulary (compared to native speakers), grammatical doubts and being unfamiliar not only with another language, but also with their culture, makes congratulations in English an even more difficult task.

In today’s article we offer you alternatives to the classic Happy Birthday , one for each occasion. In fact, a standard congratulatory message is not for everyone, you have to consider how the person who celebrates his birthday. Here are 10 ideas you can use and customize!

For sweet tooth

Is not nature amazing? Every year it gives you a great excuse to eat more cake. 
(Is not nature wonderful? Each year gives us the best excuse to eat more cake.)

For mathematicians

The truth is that you are a year older than you think you are. On your first birthday you celebrated the end of your first year. Happy birthday! 
(You are actually a year older than you think.) During your first birthday you celebrated the end of your first year of life.

For scientists

Congratulations! You’ve made it to another orbit around the sun! 
(Congratulations! Once again you have achieved it: another round around the sun!)

For the deeper

I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones who feel the same way about you. I’m really proud of you and the person you’ve become. Enjoy your day! 
(I want you to be surrounded by your loved ones, who feel for you the same as I do.) I am very proud of the person you have become. Enjoy your day!

For the (non) polyglots

Some people can wish you Happy Birthday in multiple languages. However, I am learning English so I can say it in English, and since I’m not native, take into account that means a lot to me!

(Some people know how to say “happy birthday” in several languages, but I’m learning English and I can only say: Happy Birthday!  I’m not native, so keep in mind that means a lot to me!)

For the most reserved

Did you know that in many cultures, age is a sign of wisdom that commands respect? So, how many years of respect should we dedicate to you today? 
(Did you know that in many cultures age is a symbol of wisdom that demands respect? Tell me, how many years of respect should we dedicate you today?)

For the romantics

Birthday after birthday, time will pass, but every single day that I spend with you is a special one. I love you!
(Birthday after birthday, time passes, but every day that I spend with you is a special day. I love you!)

For the cotillas

Do you know what famous person was born on this very special day?  I’m not sure, I only know of you. 
(Do you know any celebrity that was born on such a special day? I only do it to you!)

For the dreamers

There’s no way to reach your dreams, we all know that. Keep going in the right direction to reach them and you’ll achieve the life you’ve always wanted for yourself .
(There is no shortcut to your dreams, we know it. Do not stray from the path to reach them and you will get the life you have always wanted to live.)

For the grumpy

There’s nothing bad about turning another year older. After all, the alternative is not worth considering. Let’s celebrate your birthday!
(There’s nothing wrong with being an older year.) (On the other hand, it’s not even worth stopping to think about it.) Come on, let’s celebrate your birthday!

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