June 14

Schumacher lives second birthday after his accident

The former pilot meets today 46 years old, a little more than one accident that took while he was skiing in the French Alps.

On December 29, 2013 will be a date that is hard to forget in the world of sport and, above all, in from the motoring. That day, Michael Schumacher – seven timeschampion of the Formula 1 – is accident skiing in the French Alps. The result was a blow to the head that kept him for months in a coma and on life-threatening.

With the passage of time Schumi health slightly improved and could be transferred to his home in Switzerland. So far, only reported that German cries when she recognizes the voice of loved ones. Similarly, any diagnosis or stage about their future is uncertain.

That accident starred in 44 years. Today, the German meets 46 and one who wanted to be present on this day was the Scuderia Ferrari, with which Schumacher went on to win five championships in F1.


“Today Michael Schumacher is 46 years old and all the people of Ferrari and his love will be more present that never in his thoughts that both man made to shine with the brand of Maranello. Just a year ago, when had just passed a few days of the accident, a group of fans unfurled a giant banner outside the Hospital in Grenoble. This year Michael will spend your anniversary at home, surrounded by their loved ones, while continuing his rehabilitation. All Ferrari and their fans express their best wishes and, as always, force Michael. Amen”, said the statement from the Italian team.

Also, the Schumacher family thanked all the help received to date through a brief statement on the website of the pilot and Auto accident attorney Boca Raton, which ensures that the fans support was essential to continue with the recovery of Schumi.


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