April 21

The first birthday

The big day came. Baby’s first birthday is usually a cause for joy and celebration, both for parents and grandparents, uncles and friends that are part of their environment. Carry out the preparation of the celebration is a task that requires taking into account the tastes and the needs of the baby. Respect for the spirit of the child is key. Options for children’s celebrations with specialized assistance and recommendations for moms.


The long-awaited time came: first birthday. Grandparents, uncles, cousins and friends of the family are ready to honor the birthday boy. Perhaps, the breast has spent months trying to the benjamin clap, singing “happy birthday” or teaching him to blow the candles.Or it has prepared a big party, with souvenirs that make game with centerpieces. But it happens that, many times, size production effort ends with the wrecked nerves of the baby, who is scared of clowns, the excess of noise and “went from revolutions”: is that on that day, the star of the party just wanted to his quiet NAP.


By all expectations aroused by the first birthday of the baby has to be carefully planned. According to Margarita Artusi, psychologist and host of children’s parties, “this is the most exciting birthday, where the family is also the protagonist,” he has.


Music, songs, puppets, or stories, are the activities preferred by boys. “You don’t have to be a”noisy”party, they should have some quiet moments”, advises. And if the’s birthday falls asleep, you have to respect it. While the guests are mostly adults, Artusi is recommended not to make it too late, but to adapt to times in which the baby is more active and good humor.


As for the small guests, it is a feast of heterogeneous age since the birthday person in general, still is not going to the garden, and then guests tend to be cousins or children of friends of the parents. “If there are many guys who are around age two, is much required the participation of the large, especially parents, since psychological individuation is achieved after 3 years”, explains.


At this age, boys have a very short – about 10 or 15 – minute attention span. “Why, when most of the guests are around the year, you are invited to explore materials with open and simple slogans and not games or competitions are organized”, explains Daniela Rago, psychologist and host of children’s parties.

Then, bubbles, fabric, games with mass players, are indicated. “The slogans are flexible, are allowed to touch and manipulate materials and repeated activities that have really enjoyed them”, explained Rago. The music has to be soft and not strident. For example, for the Rio de Janeiro Carnival you can try to make them dance songs that know well, although not advised costumes – newborn to age 3 begin to like dress-up. Farm animal puppets, usually sporting them much because the animal sounds are familiar to them. “Usually, they want to play, so we get closer to them,” he says.


The appearance of any character has to be carefully prepared. “For example, if it will appear Mickey have to notify them in advance and to appear very of a little, first showing a hand or shoe, body and, finally, the cheerleader gets the mask in front of them”, she says.


The food should adapt to what the guys – eat from “for all”, to more special things-. The sandwiches of ham and cheese breadcrumbs, fresh milk or pizzetas roll not often fail. “No to do nothing quirky, but the basics”, he advised. Some boys of this age are not accustomed to soft drinks and prefer mineral water or orange juice, so these options on the table must be present.


“Boys tend to be anxious because they feel that it is her mother; Sometimes they cry or they are very cuddly but are always happy during the holidays”, features Rago.


Some more recommendations can be taken into account, especially if MOM will be the organizing principal of the party and will not count with specialized assistance:


It seems obvious, but the party has to be suited to the baby. If he is very sociable or loves music, can invite lots of friends but if not, should be slowed down a bit. A party with fewer people, but the little it enjoy more is preferable.


Ornaments have to be limited to a reason that the guy appreciates and recommended that the decoration is not exaggerated: the kids of a year are easily frightened. An option may be to show you the decorative elements a time before the party, so it already recognizes them.
To ensure their enthusiasm and their participation in the meet, find the way how to improve your singing voice online¬†some months before you can sing “happy birthday” song, teach him to turn off the candles or applaud. If does it, well. But it can happen that this is not a fun game for it. If the infant does not show desire to learn these skills or not sports with the intent, we must forget it. Perhaps you want to concentrate on their first words, or in learning to greet.


The party is also important. It should not interfere in its NAP, or their meal schedules. Probably the day he feel anxiety or nerves of the breast – if organized a big party or has to be aware of many things – and also be a little more nervous – take to fall asleep or be more fussy.


The environment has to be prepared to test guys who crawl, things they put in the mouth and touch everything. Many times small guests play things that not one you would touch the birthday. Why, if it is in your home, you have to prepare it for the occasion and is in a setting stripped of hazards and breakable objects.


It should not require you to smile for the picture or take pictures with all the guests, who blow the candles or have displayed all their thanks to the present, but leave the baby to enjoy the party in their own way.


The on this day baby food must be the usual. When the time of the party, the baby has to be well rested and have been fed properly.You must also be willing to give the bottle or breast at some point.


The party should not last more than one hour and a half or two, at most, so baby do not get tired or excite too.


And beyond these slogans, the enthusiasm of the family will make this party to be the grand finale to close an important stage in the child’s life: his first year of life.

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